O2pur: Nicotine Salts for Vaping

As generations of products change and consumer have more demands, one thing is for sure, cigarettes has become an afterthought. It’s almost difficult to find a cigarette ad anywhere now a days with the advancement of technology when it comes to smoking. Today’s consumer who enjoyed nicotine through cigarettes now enjoy it through what is called Vaping. Unlike cigarettes, vaping offers cool looking gadgets to blow smoke through and comes with a variety of flavors to suit your palette. E-cigs, which is what cigarettes are now called, has the nicotine is stored in an electronic long device in which users can add there favorite flavors to. O2pur is one of the many highly popular nicotine salts e-liquid.

They offer a smooth taste when vaping using a box mod or your vaping gadget of choice. It reacts a lot faster than many, giving users a clean and better taste in their e-cigs. You have the opportunity to upgrade to a premium e-liquid yummy gourmet taste with a 70/30 blended mix. O2pur offers bottles in sizes 60ml to 120ml. The brand has been around since 2013 introducing its nicotine salts on television. Their mixed and formulated juices are available in the United States. They are based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Some of the flavors include berry cheesecake, island breeze, and caramel apple.

The other products include box mods that that sells with up to 120ml of nicotine salts inside. A special premium flavor available for order is grapes, batteries, free coils, speed chargers, USB cables and mini box carrying cases. You can find all product and the brands information here.

Couple of reasons vaping is better than cigarettes is probably it tastes way better. Regular cigarette choices back then where menthol and regular tobacco tastes. Many users have talked widely about how delicious there vapes are to them and don’t smell like a disgusting ashtray. E-liquids are every where, O2pur has a great selection as mentioned above. It’s also noted that vaping is certainly way better for the environment. No longer will you find cigarette buds cluttering the street as much as they did before. This is a relief to our national parks, recreation areas, neighborhood yards and drains. Your furniture and carpets won’t have burn holes either. Users don’t have to fret about disposable lighters running out and not being able to find one for a good smoke. One could also argue that vaping simply just looks cooler than a nasty cigarette hanging from your mouth stinking up your clothes.

Overall, O2pur gives you a smooth tasting nicotine salt many have come to love. There products are high in quality and have been around for the past five years. Their website offers a list of products and e-liquid in a variety of flavors. If you are in need of a starter kit for a box mod, it can come with a flavor loaded up to 120ml. Further, you can find additional accessories such as batteries and a speed charger.

Find out more about O2pur:  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/389702173984390424/

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