Malcolm CasSelle Invests in Technologies to Tokenize Gaming Virtual Assets

Successful entrepreneur Malcolm CasSelle president of (Wax) Worldwide Asset Exchange invests heavily within this company to provide technological advancements to tokenize gaming virtual assets over the blockchain and utilize streamline approaches to buying and selling within its online platforms. Malcolm CasSelle has truly been an innovator and has built a career of successful advancements within the computer science field of study and provides opportunities for the strategic accomplishment of various online opportunities to transfer virtual assets.

Malcolm CasSelle was educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he received the Computer Science degree and furthered his education at Stanford University where he received his Master’s in Computer Science as well. Additional studies enabled him to become fluid in Japanese and Mandarin and are allowing his company to invest heavily in the Asian culture due to his ability to speak the language and be an advocate and asset in the translation of various technological and virtual terminologies. Malcolm CasSelle also serves as CIO of OPSkins another virtual asset company that specializes in online video games technology. Malcolm CasSelle is an extremely intellectual and skilled researcher and investor within the online and computer science industry and is well respected for his continued advancement within this virtual industry sector. Malcolm CasSelle has invested tremendous amounts of financial resources, time, and energy in the accomplishment of the ability to tokenize gaming assets within his WAX platform. Investments in his platform software at WAX have created an opportunity to utilize the blockchain and enable their gaming widgets to be transferred over various virtual infrastructures. Malcolm CasSelle is accomplishing the opportunity to simplify and establish user-friendly approaches to buying and selling gaming assets for players around the globe. In fact, the WAX platform is not limited to any geographical rules and regulations and provides opportunities over the blockchain to move assets instantly without the central banking regulations and red tape that can be part of normal financial banking transactions. By eliminating the problems with frictions over various virtual financial platforms that traditionally handle asset exchanges online, Malcolm CasSelle is accomplishing the ability to capitalize on the advancements of the blockchain and various other crypto technologies. With the advancements and investments made by Malcolm CasSelle at World Asset Exchange, technologies are created to systematically and strategically tokenize gaming assets and provide opportunities to exchange value or buy and sell around the globe with an effortless streamlined approach.


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