Serious Relief For Painfully Chapped Lips- EOS Medicated Review

Many people are familiar with the EOS lip balm. After all, EOS pioneered the rounded egg-shaped balms that have shaken up beauty counters all over America. But did you know that the company that makes these cute and notoriously yummy balms has a line of medicated products with serious power to improve the health of your lips? (Amazon).

EOS Cooling Chamomile Medicated Lip Balm

For times when lips are chapped, reddened, and sore, turn to our Cooling Chamomile variety of lip balms. With a blend of menthol, chamomile and aloe added to our buttery base formula, you will feel this balm going to work right away. You will experience immediate relief, and after consistent use your lips will return to their normal voluptuous selves.

What Makes EOS Lip Balms Unique

EOS is short for Evolution of Smooth, the company’s full name. The team at EOS invented their lip balms to give people a pot-style lip balm that wouldn’t get lost in purses but didn’t need to be applied with a finger. As the company’s formula grew in popularity they began to add interesting flavors to keep their customers intrigued.

The EOS Lip Balm Universe

From their first product release several years ago to what is now a multi-product, multi-scented product empire, EOS now has a whole line of products to help keep your skin smooth and hydrated. Their original lip balm has evolved in to the following product lines:

  • Organic
  • Visibly Soft
  • Crystal
  • Shimmer
  • Active
  • Medicated
  • Organic Stick Balm


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