Cooling Chamomile EOS Lip Balm Review

The lip balm company EOS has recently released a cooling menthol chapstick. It is medicated, and also contains real chamomile. Chamomile has many natural herbal benefits, such as phenolic compounds, an antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. These several factors make it the perfect cold winter lip care product. The menthol, which is alcohol extracted from mint oil, helps soothe the lips and temporarily relieve pain that can be caused by the dry winter time air. There are an abundance of helpful oils in the mixture as well. Olive oil, jojoba oil, cocoa and Shea butters help add smoothing and moisturizing properties to make the lips soft. All of these ingredients also help fight signs of aging, like wrinkles. As an added bonus, the egg-shaped lip balm is hypoallergenic and paraben- free. The best part is, it only costs 3 dollars (Amazon)

EOS (Evolution of Smooth) offers a wide variety of lip products. Their lip balm comes in the signature egg-shaped container, and each flavor has its own colored container. They offer the original organic lip balms, the “Visibly Soft” balms, SPF protection, and stick versions of several of the original. The shimmer and crystal versions are newer. The crystal lip balms are clear, something that is not very common in lip car products.

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Besides lip care, EOS has skin items. Hand lotion, body lotion, and shave creams are just a few. They like to include natural oils, like avocado and coconut, and plant-based items, like aloe vera, for healthy and nourishing products.

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