Business icon David Giertz is Making an Impact in Florida

David Giertz is a financial service provider, president of Nationwide commercial sales and distribution organization. He leads in offering retirement plans, life insurance, annuities, specialty markets and mutual funds strategies and distributions. He leads financial institutions bank channel and a business mentor with World Association of Business Coaches. He is also working with community organizations and chaired some fiscal committees. He started his career at Citigroup as a financial adviser. He later progressed as a director to the executive vice president of sales.

In an interview feat on he urges people to network and build an extensive network of people firm differ places in the world. This could be done by identifying more mentors with different stories of success. Those people will make the ideas better and new information required in the field.

David Giertz says that the major strategies in business are working hard and being positive. He used his experience and skills, but there were loopholes, he had to work hard and bring in more resources for financial success. Focusing on the positive inspires other people. Learning something new and valuing change is also a value to his development.

He was inspired to start his business when most employees left the company. They left because they were underestimated by the management. He held a conference where the employees interacted with the managers. The meeting helped the company to gain more ideas, and eventually, it will grow.

David Giertz values the place of technology in business. This means that entrepreneurs should keep in touch with the latest techniques. This will not only make it more prestigious, but it also increases the levels of productivity. Technology is useful when uses together with a competent human resource. Technology has also brought new trends in marketing. Its speed is also tremendous; it helps organizations work efficiently. This makes them competitive.

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