EOS Cooling Chamomile Lip Balm

EOS Cooling Chamomile lip balm is a combination of medicated soothing lip balm and chamomile tea. This new addition to the EOS family of lip balms has medicinal menthol in it derived from mint oils. This assists with healing very chapped lips. The chamomile in the lip balm helps to further soothe distressed skin from the dry elements.

EOS Cooling Chamomile lip balm is made with real chamomile extract. Chamomile is often used in herbal teas to have a calming or soporific effect on those who drink it. This helps to mellow out the nerves or to help someone get a full night of sleep. Chamomile also has many beauty focused benefits in addition to the calming benefits it has for those who drink it. Chamomile contains plenty of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements inside of it that are perfect for soothing lips and the skin. This is particularly handy for dry lips or dry skin that needs some extra antioxidants and anti-inflammatory assistance (celiacandthebeast.com).

You can pick up the lip balm from any drug store. You may additionally find the lip balm on their website and from other select retailers that carry EOS (https://www.amazon.com/EOS-Organic-Lip-Balm-Sphere/product-reviews/B004OOVS0Y).  The Cooling Chamomile lip balm is available for $3 each.


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