From a small Lab to a an International Brand, the Story of Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics

The one thing that makes a person feel powerless is seeing a loved one suffering, and not being able to address the cause of the problem. Clay Siegall had to watch his father deal with cancer when he was a teenager, and his father succumbed to the menace after a six year long battle. What saddened him the most about the death was the fact that his father did not die from the cancer itself, but from the chemotherapy. Clay Siegall vowed that he would get a treatment alternative that would be better than Chemo in the treatment of cancer.

In 1998, after studying Zoology and specializing in genetics, and working in various labs around the state, Clay Siegall founded Seattle Genetics together with a friend. He founded the company because he wanted to perform clinical tests on drugs that were based on ADC therapy, and eliminate the need for chemotherapy to treat cancer. His journey has not been easy. One of the biggest successes that he got was when his first ADC drug, ADCETRIS, was approved by the FDA in 2015. Since its approval, the drug has become very popular, and it is currently being used in more than 66 countries. It has also done a lot to change the economic fortune for Seattle Genetics. The sales on the first year alone surpassed the quarter million dollar mark and have been rising steadily since then.

Seattle Genetics has a great strategy for the future. In the past, Clay Siegall has used tactics such as getting into partnerships with companies such as Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline to try and raise funds for their projects. Clay states that even though the option is tempting, Seattle Genetics will not end up merging with the big pharmaceuticals. He states that the future plans he has for the company include getting another 11 drugs through the needed tests so that they can get approval by the FDA. To achieve this, he is trying to expand their labs and manpower. Seattle Genetics is headed towards becoming the best thing in cancer treatment. The sky is the limit for Clay and Seattle Genetics.

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