A Thirst Quenching Review of Flavorful EOS Lip Balm

A lip balm breakthrough has hit the lip balm industry and created luscious lips of those who have been lucky enough to have discovered its existence. What is this lip balm you may ask? It is EOS lip balm. An evolution of smooth vegan lip balm that comes in deliciously natural flavors says usmagazine.com. Although EOS is not a new product on the market, it has been revamped and improved. It is clearly a better choice as lip balms go. It glides on smooth, no waxy build up or caking. It has a fruity fragrance that belies its fruity flavors which make it a lip smacking pleasure.

EOS lip balm has been put to the test and when compared to renowned Chapstick, EOS was favored hands down among lip balm users. It really comes as no surprise due to the overall look and feel. The chemical make up uses Shea Butter instead of Petrolatum, with Petrolatum use being commonplace for most lip balms. As far as ingredients go, admittedly Shea Butter even sounds more tasty and smooth in and of itself than Petrolatum. The word is out, and noticeably many celebrities have latched onto EOS lip balm. It isn’t unusual to see it magically appear from a celebrities pocket or purse and being applied in a satisfying, lip smacking manner.

There you have it. Contrary to earlier production and use of EOS lip balm, this new improved reproduction has taken the lip balm industry by storm. Not to mention that it is surprisingly lower priced than most mainstream lip balms, view here. Which goes to show that more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean “better.” If you’re looking for a better lip balm with a smoother feel and fantastic flavor, glide EOS lip balm over your lips. You’ll be pleasantly surprised and glad that you did.

Find out more facts through watching this awesome review, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_UEa9u13Mc.


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