Karl Heideck Analyzes The Laws Of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is arguably one of the few states with bizarre laws, at least according to Karl Heideck. For instance, a recent article by Karl Heideck who is quite familiar with the law analyzes a few of these laws in Pennsylvania. Apart from the fundamental laws regarding marriage, it is a crime to fire any weapons during a wedding ceremony in Pennsylvania. Also, a minister is not supposed to allow a couple to get married if either the bride or groom is intoxicated.

If you think that is weird, then you haven’t heard laws regarding parenting. As a parent, you are supposed to ensure that the restroom is only 200 feet away from your kid’s bedroom. If it is further than that, 99.9% chances are that you are going to be in trouble with the lawmakers. Those are just a few of such laws in Pennsylvania according to Karl Heideck. Other states also have such issues. For example, in Keystone state, it gets even more bizarre because if you sweep the dust found under a rug or wipe dirt from an outdoor refrigerator, you are breaking the law.

About Karl Heideck
Karl is a Philadelphia based attorney who holds a law degree from Temple University and a BA in English from Swarthmore College. He specializes in risk management, litigation, and compliance. Karl has quite a remarkable reputation having been in the field for ten years. Karl Heideck is also involved in legal writing and research, corporate law, product liability, and employment law. He has worked for numerous significant firms such as Pepper Hamilton LLP where he was the project attorney, as an Associate at Conrad O’Brien among others. Karl Heideck is currently based in Philadelphia and works with Hire Counsel Contract Lawyer where he offers professional help to people with issues regarding legal action in commerce.

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