Picking My Favorite EOS Lip Balm

I started using EOS lip balms after switching from what I thought was the best available option. Before switching, I dealt with less than appealing flavors having to choose between what can best be described as children’s medicine and vapor rubs.


Tired of the limited options and drawn to the bright shades of EOS, I figured to give it a try.


Initially, I grabbed two EOS lip balms, my two favorite colors red and blue. The red and blue spheres turned out to be Pomegranate Raspberry and Blueberry Acai.


Other than working well, the two lip balms were surprisingly flavorful. Compared to the previous choices from other brands this was amazing. Even more so, after doing a little research I learned EOS was completely organic, more bonus points!


I said goodbye to tasting like a sick child or menthol chest rub and embraced the new world of flavors open to me. I soon tried every flavor I could find, Summer Fruit, Strawberry Sorbet, and even Vanilla Bean before I could finally declare one flavor victorious.


After mixing and matching, deciding and going back, I finally am able to declare my favorite flavor.


Cue the drumroll.


My favorite flavor is….my own combination of Vanilla Bean and Strawberry Sorbet.


The two flavors mixed remind me of my favorite off-menu coffee and are now my go-to choice for flavors. Though I still like to mix up things and try new combinations, Vanilla Bean and Strawberry Sorbet, or Sunday Sorbet as I like to call it, still remains my hands-down favorite.

Check this out!

If you ever get the opportunity to try any of the EOS flavors I definitely recommend it.

Get it here https://www.amazon.com/EOS-Organic-Lip-Balm-Pomegranate/dp/B00B6A9KTU


How WEN Cleansing Conditioner Restores Hair Overnight

When you walk around the hair care aisle, you’ll find endless products that promise to restore hair back to its natural health and replenish its moisture. Unfortunately, many of these products are lying to you. By quickly researching the ingredients used in most hair care products, you’ll find that ingredients like synthetic fragrances, chemical emulsifiers and sulfates do incredible damage to delicate hair.

However, there is one exception. WEN Cleansing Conditioner has been a favorite product among celebrities and hair care gurus alike. Because of the product’s plant-based formula, it acts as a detox for hair that is overwhelmed by harsh and aggressive chemicals. The result is hair that is finally restored back to its natural health.

One Week of WEN Cleansing Conditioner

Blogger Emily McClure of bustle.com decided to use WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner for one week. Over the years, her hair was becoming more and more dry, dull and fine. She had tried various products that promised to transform hair overnight only to be disappointed. However, Wen Cleansing Conditioner’s unique plant-based formula gave her a glimmer of hope.

After the first wash with Wen Cleansing Conditioner, Emily immediately noticed that her hair had more volume than before. Plus, it felt incredibly soft. Encouraged, she continued to use the product daily.

By the fourth day of using WEN Cleansing Conditioner, Emily’s Facebook friends┬ábegan to give her compliments on her beautiful hair. Because Emily had always had lifeless, limp hair, this was a first. Obviously, the product was living up to its promises.

By the seventh day, Emily was convinced that this product really does make a huge difference. Because of WEN’s natural formula, hair can finally detoxify from harsh, drying chemicals. After one week of using WEN Cleansing Conditioner, Emily’s days of limpness, dryness and dullness are gone forever.

Need Wen? Order online via Amazon.com or thru the Wen.com website.

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Accomplishments of Alexandre Gama

Brazilian entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Neogama, was nominated as one of the seven most important professionals in the history of Brazilian publicity of the national publicity market.
Early into his life in 1982, he began his career as a creative copywriter and then he moved on to DM9 as a Copywriter and Creative Director. He worked for four years and was awarded copywriter of his generation in Brazil. Right before Gama started his own agency at Neogama, he was CEO at Young & Rubicam in 1996, and left to start Neogama.

Alexandre Gama has accomplished much in his life, here are a couple of those accomplishments:
In 2008-2012, he was the first Latin American to present a Master Class at the Cannes Festival and he became a board member of ABAP (Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies). He also founded a Brazilian acoustic guitar instrumental program called VIOLAB which includes a recording studio, a recording label, a podcast, and a YouTube channel where they promote the best Brazilian players and musicians.

As already stated, Alexandre Gama has accomplished much in his life and is only 58 years old, he has won award after award:

“Agency Director of the Year”, he won the Cabore award’s “Entrepreneur of the Year”, was voted top three advertising man in Brazil, and that’s not even half of the list.

See: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexandre-gama-a44256108

Something Literally Everybody Needs For The Home

When searching for good headphone brands on the market, there are several important brands to consider. Bose, a longtime contributor to the luxury headphone game, boasts models such as the Bose QuietComfort 25. Stalwart competitor Sennheiser offers comparable quality with the HD 280 Pro. Both brands are similar in quality and price.


A house should always feel like a home, and there are fewer facets more essential than a good couch set. There are several options to pick from when it comes to furniture. Hodan, Knightsbridge and Ashley Alenya are several of the top brands on the market, and provide exceptional comfort with unique aesthetics.


Underwear brand names are an understated, underrated part of the daily ensemble. Hanes, Calvin Klein and Jockey are three brands that have stood the test of time and are now household names. For a slight uptick in price but an exponential increase in quality, names such as Sleepy Jones and SAXX Vibe provide a touch of decadence.

Why OSI Group Is Such An Important Company

When you go to a fast food restaurant you probably don’t think a whole lot about where the food came from or how it was prepared, but the truth is a lot of work has been done to prepare it at processing plants that use high-tech equipment.

One company that runs many of these plants is OSI Group, a meat and special foods processing company based in Chicago. OSI Group has operations all over the globe and they distribute their foods through local businessmen who know the markets and know what customers in different regions expect from different foods.

OSI Group began back in 1909 by a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky. He was a butcher by trade who opened a shop that stayed in the family for many years. The meats at this shop were of superb quality that the shop stayed in business even during the tough years of the Great Depression. In the 1950s, OSI Group became the chief supplier for the McDonalds fast food franchise, a relationship they’ve had for many years. But they’ve also supplied many other fast food restaurants and supermarkets since then.

OSI Group has acquired a lot of processing plants and even acquired food distribution companies across the globe. But unlike other major corporations, OSI Group often seeks to retain employees and managers at those companies and help fund them to grow their customer base. Some notable acquisitions OSI Group has made include Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. OSI Group also takes safety and environmental responsibility very seriously, and just this last year they were given the Globe of Honour at a conference hosted by the British Safety Council for responsible food manufacturing and safe employee practices. OSI Group has also been active in the community and supports the Ronald McDonald House Charities for young children with illnesses.