Alexandre Gama’s Rocket Rise in the Marketing Industry

Alexandre Gama had led an illustrious and diverse career in the advertising and marketing industry. Starting out as a copywriter in 1982 he began his journey toward being arguably the foremost marketing entrepreneur of Brazilian origin. In 1996 after having already earned the title of “Most Awarded Copywriter in Brazil”, Alexandre Gama was made a member of the Global Board. Then by year 2000 he had started his own advertising agency, Neogama.

The years in the new millennia which followed proved only more successful for Gama; in 2002 Neogama/BBH (a London based agency with which he had associated Neogama earlier that year) was named “Agency of the Year” and became to youngest agency of its kind to ever have won the Caboré award.

Besides his work with Neogama, Alexandre Gama attained many personal awards and honors. After being named “Agency Director of the Year” in 2006, he was voted “Entrepreneur of the year in the Communications Industry” one year later.

Effective Stem Cell Treatment for Pulmonary Conditions at the Lung Institute

Lung Institute has clinics located across the United States. It was established to enhance and improve the quality of life for people suffering from different types of chronic lung diseases and conditions. An individual interested in obtaining treatment from the Lung Institute can access a clinic conveniently located to that person.

Patients diagnosed with a respiratory illness of some type face challenges in their lives. This includes difficulties in tending to activities of daily living. A person diagnosed with certain pulmonary issues can have problems walking, cooking, grooming, dressing, and with other daily activities.

The Lung Institute provides stem cell treatment for diseases and conditions that include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, as well as interstitial lung disease. These are the most common types of pulmonary conditions afflicting people in the United States and around the world.

Traditional medical treatments for serious lung diseases and illnesses came with significantly negative side effects. One of the key benefits associated with stem cell treatment from the Lung Institute is found in the fact that side effects are minimal.

The stem cell treatment regimen available through the Lung Institute is a minimally invasive process. In addition, the Lung Institute process is what is known as autologous stem cell treatment. What this means is that your own stem cells are used in treating your condition.

Another benefit of the stem cell treatment regimen at the Lung Institute is that it is designed to address more than just address symptoms. Traditional treatment processes are utilized to address at least some of the symptoms associated with lung conditions.

The stem cell treatment offered through the Lung Institute is also designed to address the progression of a lung diseases. The Lung Institute treatment program also appears effective at slowing the progress of lung ailments like COPD. To read more about COPD, visit

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Investment Management Advice From Capital Group

With over 33 years of experience in investment, Timothy D. Armour is the chairman and chief executive officer of Capital Group.

The Capital Group is an investment management company launched in 1931 in Los Angeles, California. It is among the world’s largest and oldest investment company acknowledged for its long-term focus. It has offices in several cities among them London, Tokyo and Sydney.

Timothy D. Armour career started in 1983 still with the same company under an Associates Program. He has also worked as an equity investment analyst for U.S. service and global telecommunication companies. Tim graduated from Middlebury College with a bachelor’s degree in economics. In 2015, Tim took over the lead at Capital as the chairman immediately after the demise of James Rothenberg who was former chairman. Based in Los Angeles, Tim doubles up as the chairman and principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc. and chairman of the Capital Group Companies Management Committee. Moreover, he is an equity portfolio manager.

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Talking about investments and markets, Tim acknowledges that Market regime changes are time and again hard to identify. He believes that global markets are on the cusp of a new era of faster economic growth, interest rates which are rising and elevated inflation. He warns that times ahead would be more turbulent, with the coming of government’s policies day by day and that markets are facing inflection points which are driven by a surge of populism worldwide. After the victory of Donald Trump in November 2016, Armour noted that, markets were kind of fatigued, with equities having challenges to increase in prices and bond markets showing signs of being stable.

Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management announced a strategic partnership to combine forces in developing active retirement solutions and asset allocation products in 2015.With Capital Group assisting Samsung to understand active management and to provide management know-how in areas including business and clientele management. Tim Armour, quoted the agreement as a broader plan is to re-design investment advice to improving on savings, retirement and insurance needs of investors in Korea.

Concerning the U.S. economy in 2015, Tim says it was not growing in line with people’s expectations. Many supposed that the Federal Reserve would lead to increase in interest rates over time; however, Tim firmly affirmed that increasing rates was desirable as it reduces investors’ risks. Moreover, He believes that it was a bold move that in the long run will do good to the economy.

A Fabletics Take On Fashion.

Being successful in an industry where a majority of the market share is owned by one large corporation is not an effortless business, but Kate Hudson has sure managed to do it, and do it really well.


When Kate Hudson decided to launch Fabletics, little, did she know the big impact it would have on the fashion industry? Today The company is estimated to be worth around $250 million dollars and has become one of the most sought after brands in the active and leisure wear department.


But Fabletics isn’t just about Kate Hudson; it’s what the company has to offer that makes it stand out among its competitors. When Fabletics was launched, it gave women everywhere something that they have always dreamed of – comfortable active wear that looked right out of a fashion magazine. Women want to look fabulous no matter what they do, and Fabletics made that a reality.


What makes Fabletics different from its competitors is the approach it takes to selling its oh-so-beautiful clothing. Fabletics wanted women to have access to their clothes, not only for a one time purchase but as a continuous supply. That’s when Fabletics decided to adopt the membership approach. If you visit the fables website, you will see that it offers monthly plans to have their active and leisure wear delivered to your doorstep.


The plan works in a very systematic way where the consumer can log onto their website and check the different parameters that Fabletics will ask you to ensure that the product you get will be tailored to fit your needs precisely. These include choosing your preferred colors, what you are going to use your activewear for, and how many sets of clothing you wish to receive per month. By doing this, they have gained a lot of positive reviews from its customers owing to it being an efficient and time-saving method of getting the best activewear sets delivered right to your home.


Another approach that Fabletics has adopted is the reverse showroom technique. With the growth of the brand over the last three years, the company decided to open up numerous stores all across the United States. But knowing the current scenario, where physical stores are constantly at a cutthroat competing with each other, not to mention also competing with online portals, Fabletics decided to try out something new to appeal to their customers.


As part of their reverse showroom technique, customers can visit any of the Fabletics outlets and try on any of the clothes they see online. However, the outlet does not serve as a store (though you can purchase the outfit from here if you want to) but merely as a trial room for customers to get a look and feel of the physical product. Thereon, customers can log into their account at their convenience from their homes and purchase the desired outfits.


By adopting these methods, Fabletics has developed excellent customer relations and has experienced a tremendous growth of over thirty-five percent since its conception.