George Soros: His Return to Active Campaign Financing

George Soros, the billionaire investor who once contributed a whopping $27 million dollars in 2004 to try to defeat President George W. Bush recently returned to the political spotlight as one of the leading funders of Hillary Clinton, and by extension the Democratic Party.

According to records made available by the Federal Election Commission, Democratic funding operatives, and interviews with his close associates conducted by Politico, Mr. George Soros committed or donated more than $25 million dollars to Clinton, in addition to other Democratic Party candidates in the just concluded presidential elections.

With a fortune estimated at more than $24 billion dollars, much of which was amassed through taking part in risky currency trades on, Mr. Soros is one of the richest men in the world. Born in Hungary before relocating to New York, has had a close working relationship with Mrs. Clinton, which spans more than twenty-five years.

His Motivation

Even though he did not attend the Democratic Presidential nominations, his close associates are of the belief that he became more politically engaged in the last elections due to the faith that he has in his friend Hillary Clinton, as well as his fear of President-Elect, Donald Trump. In the past, Soros has gone ahead to accused Trump of “doing the work of ISIS” mainly by stoking fears among the electorate on

According to Michael Vachon, who is Soros’s political adviser, Soros has always been a consistent donor to Democratic-related causes, but in 2016, the elections had a much higher political stake. Apart from the hostility shown by the GOP candidates, the elections were important to Soros, as they touched on issues that he cared a lot about, such as religious intolerance, immigration reform, as well as criminal justice reform.

His willingness to donate to the Clinton campaign, in a bid to defeat Trump who was seen by many political pundits, as well as people in the Democratic Party circles as a good sign for Mrs. Clinton, as he was able to catalyze other wealthy activists to donate towards the campaigns.

It is a cumulative mobilization effort that helped Mrs. Clinton get a massive financial advantage over all the committees that were backing Donald Trump, who was and continues to be regarded with a lot of suspicion by donors across the political divide. The donations provided by Soros and his leftist benefactors are what allowed Clinton together with her team to create a humming campaign machine, which was able to overpower that of Trump in very many aspects.

Campaign Contributions

Soros-funded groups such as Priorities USA Action that received $7 million dollars, American Bridge 21st Century that got $2million and $700,000 to different Democratic Party campaigns and PACs.
Apart from supporting Clinton’s campaign, Soros has also funded non-profits such as Voting Rights Trust where he has made a commitment of $5 million.

Soros motivation and giving pattern in the last year has been similar to the pattern exhibited in 2004 when he was motivated by his deep and abiding opposition to Bush administration policies, as well as Iraq War that was ongoing at the time.

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