Handy Carries On With Its Home Cleaning Success

Handy, which connects people looking for household services with unrivaled, pre-qualified professionals, is continuing to ride high on its momentum.

The company, which was launched by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua in 2012, is accomplishing this through additional financial endeavors, adding new services and

continued growth.

Handy.com is a marketplace that deals with scheduling and payments on the supply and demand end for on-demand household services. The company instantly matches customers and professionals with a 60 second booking process.

Leading the company’s investments, which total more than $110 million in total capital, are Fidelity Management and Research Company along with current investors that include TPG Growth, General Catalyst, Revolution Growth and Highland Capital.

Handy (https://www.handy.com/), which continues to re-invent its business through new branding and new apps for mobile devices, has booked more than one million orders for services that take in cleaning, handyman, moving help, electrical and painting.

What’s more Handy has expanded its services to include a furniture delivery and assembly assistance program that offers a variety of living, bedroom and other furniture from Ikea which can be purchased through Handy’s web site.

The new service takes in Handy delivering and assembling the furniture and in the future adding more categories and more retailers. Handy is not working with Ikea nor future retailers as a partner.

The company accepts as true that if you pay for one service and are pleased with it, you are more likely to try another. Eighty percent of Handy’s bookings come from existing consumers and 50 percent of its customers come through referrals, according to the company.

Handy has offices in 25 US cities, two in Canada and also makes its services available in London. The company provides work for more than 160 employees and thousands of freelance contractors who accomplish more than 10,000 jobs a month.

Future plans include investing more in its active markets as well as expanding in new cities and countries.

The Making of Scottsdale-based Technology Investor, Jason Hope

Few people can perfectly combined three different passions to build a harmonious and an excellently skilled personality aimed at making a big positive mark in many people’s lives. Jason Hope is one of the most reputable people in the fields of technology and philanthropy. In addition, he is a gifted futurist.

Creating Technology for Today and Tomorrow

Jason has spared neither resources nor skills and time in research and development of various technological fields in a quest to make life easier and fun for everyone. They include mobile apps, desktop and gaming software. Additionally, creating devices that are compatible with connectivity is one of his greatest achievements. Jason Hope has written countless articles giving great insights into the Internet of Things (IoT) and their impact on human life not only today but also in the future.

With a finance degree and MBA from Arizona State University, Jason writes that IoT will have a big hand in how almost every industry is run in future. Many companies have realized the technology’s potential to fuel their growth. Already business establishments such as Cisco have invested billions of dollars in the technology.

Boosting Emerging Technological Innovations

The biggest challenge in achieving success out of a business idea is getting a launching pad for it. Recognizing the need for supporting young business people in having a good start with their innovative ideas, Jason provides not only financial support but also guidance and insights. His futurist character perfectly serves to help build the future of technology based on young innovators’ technical ideas.

Helping Prolong Lives through Philanthropy

Aging not only lowers the quality and length of people’s lives but also reduces their productivity. However, not much success has been realized in pursuit of providing anti-aging therapies. There is, therefore, the need to take a unique approach in finding an anti-aging cure. Jason has provided millions of dollars to the SENS Foundation, which aims at not only providing anti-aging treatment but also preventing of any disease that may lead to aging through research. His donations have resulted to establishment of the foundation’s Cambridge laboratory.

Bottom Line

Jason has brought a positive touch to people of all ages. By helping turn the dreams of technological entrepreneurs as young as high school students into reality, he has helped build a strong foundation for the future of the technology industry. On the other hand, he has proved that the world is not yet done with the older generation and it still needs their input in different sectors by contributing in efforts to prolong lives.

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