The Principal of Diversant

John Goullet started his IT career with his own company in 1994. That company is named Info Technologies, Inc. With his position as the founder, he was the first chief executive officer and a computer consultant. From here, he began to focus on making sure his clients had the proper IT staff and that they were able to do what they needed to do. With his know-how, he made Info Technologies one of the top 500 companies.

Now, John Goullet has turned his skills to a different company. Diversant Inc. merged in 2010 with Info Technologies. They are now Diversant LLC, and Goullet works as the principal of the new company. He works under Gene C. Waddy, the founder of Diversant Inc and Chief Executive Officer of the new Diversant LLC.

With his talents, Goullet continues to ensure that clients have the IT staff that they need. Diversant is an IT staffing company, and is one of the largest companies owned by African-Americans. They focus on making sure the issues are solved. Not only will they help solve critical issues, they make sure critical issues are solved instead of pushed aside for others to solve.

Through their practices, they make sure that those they help employ are not simply of one ethnicity. Diversant pushes work place diversity, and they believe that they will be able to help their clients even more if they make a workplace diverse. After all, no two people see the world the same way.

Goullet and Diversant are a match well made.

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