Keith Mann Is Helping Students Earn A Higher Education By Starting A Scholarship Program

Keith Mann launched the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship in order to help students in need obtain higher education, showcasing his goal of trying to better the communities. The scholarship goes out as a special Professional Achievement Award that is focused on up and coming entrepreneurs. Keely and Keith Mann and Uncommon Schools are collaborating in order to get the scholarship program going to sponsor a sole senior that has graduated at a high school that is supported by Uncommon Schools. Headquartered in Brooklyn, Uncommon Schools is an organization that is non-profit that is focused on charter management.

Uncommon Charter High School counselor, Joe Frick, had many words of appreciation to say about Kelly and Keith for coming up with the idea for a scholarship program and deciding to make it a reality. This scholarship program will allow student to attend and complete and entire college course.

As part of the application for the scholarship, participants are asked to write a 1,000 word essay explaining how attending college and earning a degree is going to help them reach the professional goals. Keith even goes so far as to meet and pair the students off with companies that can kick start their careers. This is the overall goal of the scholarship program and Uncommon Schools. Candidates that are successful will earn upwards of $5,000 to use towards college fees.

Keith Mann is the CEO and co-founder of Dynamic Search Partners, he is a passionate philanthropist, and he is an exceptionally experienced investor. His company is focused on alternative types of investments and hedge funds. The company also provides search services and manages staffing for other equity businesses. Kieth was the Vice President of another company known as Dynamic Associates before founding Dynamic Search Partners, where he first spent his time managing the division for Alternative Investments.

With his extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, Keith has earned a position as a leader in hedge fund investments. Keith also oversees all strategies for investments at Dynamic Search Partners as well as all advisory and management services.  As an avid philanthropist, it’s no surprise that Keith would take on a mission to help students attend college to obtain their professional life goals.


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